Friday, December 31

Next Adventure.

Happy Newyear, everyone! It's the year of the rabbit, so I wish hope and prosperity to all you born under said zodiac. ^_^

Since today is NewYear's I'll be busy and won't have time to play with make up, but tomorrow I'll either be doing a traditional japanese newyear inspired look or steampunk, both if I have time. any suggestions?
See you tomorrow, have a great and safe newyear's.


Thursday, December 30

Absolutely Alice. (Updated)

 I've decided this week to focus on concept make-up and there was no denying that eventually I would get around to this. Today I am Alice. Absolutely. Or almost. The concept I ended up creating is Alice before she goes down the rabbit hole, and Alice in Wonderland. As always I hope you find inspiration and enjoyment. :)


Above ground

Now I've done Absolom, the omnicient caterpillar of Alice in wonderland. I really like this one, I got very very creative with it. I hope you like it too. :) Here you go, you'll notice I played a little with the lighting in to of the pictures:

Well, that's all. Hope you had fun in Underland.♥

~Absolutely Elspie

Wednesday, December 29

Red riding hood.

Ever since I saw this trailer the fairytale has been on my mind. Personally, I can not wait for this movie to come out, it looks so good! I love dark takes on children's tales, even though honestly most of them are dark as is, I mean really, her grandmother is eaten by a wolf. anyways, like I was saying, the movie and story have been on my mind and of course it inspired some red riding hood themed make-up. Unfortunattely I didn't get around to taking pictures until it was nearlly dark, so tomorrow I will be posting Red Riding Hood Version 2.0. Until then, please enjoy my interpretation of a classic and haunting story.

El fin. :) I hope you enjoyed.

love you great big♥~Little red

Smile like a Cheshire Cat.

After hours of tinkering I finally ended up with what I think is a decent product. I started just doing eyemakeup. It was nice but it wasn't enough. I didn't manage to get a good picture of it. Then I decided I would go all out and I did the full monty. Seriously. Now if you don't like it please be nice! :P I'm not a costume artist and I don't have any supplies. I did it entirely with eyeshadow. so I guess I should show you. Here are the pictures! My Cheshire cat inspired make-over. Sorry in advance for the poor quality photos. T_T

Tuesday, December 28

Busy lately

with the holidays I've been a bit too busy to post so today, after I get batteries for my camera, I've decided to test out some of the tutorials I've been posting and take pictures of the results; but first I've got an idea in my head for Cheshire Cat inspired eye make-up. :) So we'll see how that turns out. This week I'll be busy catching up on school work so we won't really be following any sort of theme, but I'll be posting neat things I find and ideas I have through-out the week. Hope you all had a great holiday!
Take care,

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!♥

Merry Christmas everyone! Of course I won't be posting today or tomorrowobviously due to the holidays, but I'll be back soon! I wanted to share a few cute pictures with you before parting and wish you all a merry christmas and happy newyear or whatever you may be celebrating this time of year. happy birthday, too! ;) Have a safe and very merry holiday.♥

cute xmas

polymer clay christmas cookie tutorial! ^_^

Candy Cane - Charm
       ^^ etsy shop for this item:

Have a very kawaii christmas!

♥~ Joyeux noël, Elspie