Friday, December 17

Take two:

I HATE the internet. :( Last night I thought it would be a good idea to tidy up my blog a little and ended up deleting off of my blog... So today I guess I'll tyr to recreate some of them, unfortunately I will not be able to get them back so maybe later on I'll redo mori fashion. For now I'd like to re-enlighten you as to the basics of Gyaru fashion.

Gyaru is a Japanese word for Gal, over the years gyaru has developed into a Japanese subculture. There are many types of Gyaru, including Gyaru-kei (my favorite),  Hime-Gyaru (princess gyaru), Manba, Ganguro.

Is a cool and trendy type of Gyaru, it's the general style, alot of times American brands are worn. Gyaru-kei is casual, clean and classy. Here's some examples:

Next, the ever popular Hime Gyaru:
Hime Gyaru dress up like princessess. that's pretty much the gist of it. Hime gyaru is a sweet pretty style characterized by lots of pink, flawless skin,hair,and make-up, big poofy hair and curls, flowy dresses, very nice and expensive clothing and delicate dresses and sometimes tiarras. If you're girly and adorable it might be for you! here are some super kawaii pictures:

There you go. :) I think those adiquately portray hime gyaru, and I hope you have a good understanding now. :) If you're unclear about anything you read just comment or message me and I'll clarify. :)

Now it's time for Ganguro!
Ganguros are gals with vibrantly tanned and bronzed skin, super bright eye make-up (Including the super cute white panda eyes shown below), vibrant clothing, it doesn't really matter what kind of clothing, you can have natural hair color ranging from blonde to black, but the hair is often pale blonde or colors like pink. Ganguros seem to be fun and free spirited people who  dress like  they do because they like to and not because of what other people think.

Here are some magazine scan tutuorials and some video tutorials. enjoy. :)

Gyaru eyes

Applying fake eyelashes:

I'm tottaly in love with this bag!♥

Here are some really awesome tutorials I've found for you! They're a great help and you should check them out if you have time:

the first tutorial will show you how to have the cutest hair you've ever seen, in this video Binosusume will show us how to turn our hair into a ribbon! it's hard to explain but it's super kawaii, so check it out.

This one is also by binosusume and is essentially the same as shown above, but only makes a small bow on the side of your hair.

I love this one, it's a nail art tutorial for cappuccino nails.♥

classic gyaru makeup.

romantic gyaru make-up tutorial by the same lady as above.

Well there you go! That's all I have for now. I hope you all enjoyed. Have a good holiday!

Gyaru trends this winter.♥

 It's lovely lovely winter again, so guess what that means in the world of Gyaru fashion? This year is fur, lots of fur. :) (A personal favorite of mine) Black and grey, fox tails; yes, fox tails, dangle them from your belt, or your cell-phone or purse, anywhere!, knit; of course, and animal prints. Here's the way the animal print thing works. IF you don't like fur, not even faux fur, you can substitute animal print for the fur. Personally, I have this super sexy zebra print dress that I ADORE. The trends this season will keep you warm, even though you'll be looking so cool. ;) They're sexy, cool and cute, everything Gyaru should be. Here, check it out!

Aren't her boots adorable? I love how well they match her beret, and stripes are always a classic.

Russian HimeGyarus. kinda cool, huh? :)

I'm loving the trends this season, what's your favorite? Leave a comment, let me know! ;)

Keep it "cool".♥

Thursday, December 16

differentiaing: Gyaru & Ulzzang

As I've been saying for the past week Gyaru (or "Gal") is a Japanese subculture with many types of gyarus.
Gyaru is about clothing, make-up and attitude.

Ulzzang is a Korean word basically meaning "Best Face". It deals primarilly with make-up. The clothing can be whatever you want. Ulzzangs wear lots of make-up to make themselves look prettier, it's marked by super huge, some people would say unnaturally large eyes and smooth clean faces. Also, Ulzzangs very often photo-shop their pictures. So first here's a comparison of ulzzang eye-make-up versus gyaru.

Ulzzang left; Gyaru right

See the major differences? Ulzzang liner is much thicker, where-as gyaru eye-liner is thickest near the tear-duct and gets thinner towards the end of the eye and often ends in a wing. Ulzzangs cover their entire lower-lid in eye-liner. Gyaru only lines 3/4 of the eye, to give a sweet angled cat-eye appearance. Gyaru lashes are obviously much, much longer. Both are very pretty in their own ways. You've seen loads of pictures of Gyaru over the past few days so let's look at some Ulzzangs!

Did you know there were Ulzzang boys? Well there are!

Ulzzang Mikki
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I really like her style. especcialy the goggles. ^-^

What do you think of Ulzzangs? Do you like them? Do you think that they're pretty and cool? Or do you think it's unnatural? How do you feel about Ulzzang boys?

See you soon. ;)
l♥ve you great big. ~Elspie