Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!♥

Merry Christmas everyone! Of course I won't be posting today or tomorrowobviously due to the holidays, but I'll be back soon! I wanted to share a few cute pictures with you before parting and wish you all a merry christmas and happy newyear or whatever you may be celebrating this time of year. happy birthday, too! ;) Have a safe and very merry holiday.♥

cute xmas

polymer clay christmas cookie tutorial! ^_^

Candy Cane - Charm
       ^^ etsy shop for this item:

Have a very kawaii christmas!

♥~ Joyeux noël, Elspie

Wednesday, December 22

Top 10

I thought this might be fun. :) With Christmas and other winter festivities right aorund the corner I wanted to make a list of my top 10 items this winter, of course I'll try to keep it Gyaru related. Andt hen if you want you can vote over there in that poll for your favorite item! anyway, hope it's as fun for you as it is for me! :)

10.  Nerd Hello Kitty tote, $62.00 USD click for link.

Hello Kitty Tote Bag: Nerd
Hello Kitty Tote Bag: Nerd
Hello Kitty Tote Bag: Nerd
I'm sure many of you have seen Sanrio's Nerd line and I'm sure many of you are just as in love with it as I am! I love this item for many reasons, 1. notice how the bag is lined like notebook paper, super cute detail. 2. I like that HK is off white, not white, the plaid bow is to die for. It's sucha nice bag and such cool colors that it could easily work for a Gyaru-kei outfit.

9.  Pink Sprinkled Layered Cupcake dress $40 USD click click click!

Pink Sprinkled Layered Cupcake Dress
Pink Sprinkled Layered Cupcake Dress
Pink Sprinkled Layered Cupcake Dress
Pink Sprinkled Layered Cupcake Dress

Alright, I know that this is NOT a winter dress, and it IS winter, but it won't be winter for ever! When I saw this dress I fell in love, it's so hime gyaru-ish, how could anyone resist?

8. Rilakkuma Earphones $49.99 USD click for cuteness.♪

Rilakkuma Earphones

Tada! Ever get tired of your boring headphones? Well cry no more! Now you can have the cutest headphones in all the land! You will be the envy of everyone! Seriously, aren't they them ost kawaii thing you've ever seen?

7. Fur poncho 6,195円  by Liz Lisa.

ヴェントオンラインショップ 【JFW着用】プードルファーポンチョ

Why I love this poncho: It's every up to date  Gyaru-kei trend there is, the length is perfect because it isn't too long or too short, the contrasting color fur is so cute, it brings out the color of the latches and makes the cream cloth even more lovely. Not to mention cream and brown is my favorite color combination. It's so stylish and warm looking!

6. Aeropostale Rose print cardigan $12 USD  Click here to fall in love

White and blue

And my favorite, Grey and black

Cardigans are an important part of my wardrobe. They take a good outfit and make it perfect. I love the simple print of these two cardigans because it isn't too much rose and not too little. They're 3/4 sleeve and a short, waist length. Unfortunattely when I got there they had just sold out of my size in the grey. :'( So this is the cardigan I wound up getting, which was also a much needed addition to my closet:

5. Holden's hat; Journeys red plaid military hat with fleece flaps $10 USD Click me!

Plaid Ear Flap Miltary Hat - Red
Have you ever read the Catcher in the Rye? You remember Holden's read hat? Well this is that same kind of hat! Which is the main reason I fell in love with it. Even if you haven't, this style of hat is really in right now, not to mention the plaid is really stylish and very cute with a gyaru-kei outfit. The fleece flaps can be buttoned up or laid down, really keeps your ears warm, it really does!

4. Bodyline Hime Gyaru Kimono $50 USD click click click!!!♥

This item with my was love in first sight! everything about it is just perfect! It has such a sweet hime/lolita feel while still feeling traditional, it's so cute! And I love the bag. the pink is my favorite because of the color of the sash. hehe. :)

(other things I love by body line)

 Body line earmuffs ichigo  and  rabbit both $6 USD

3.  Shiromuku bridal nail set by aya1gou $39.50 click here!

Shiromuku, bridal nail set from Japan

I love the sweet hime gyaru look of these nails, and they're done so well! I think they're absolutely beautiful! her etsy shop is full of gorgeous nail designs from gyaru to decora to just victorian vintage, as well as deco boxes and mirrors and pretty jewellry.

here's an example of jewellry I love by her:
dainty salmon pink rose ring$15
cherry pink choker necklace$20
Lolita lollipop pendant necklace $10

2.  Deco tea cup by AliceArisuHearts $20 USD  visit her here.

AA deco tea cup

I thought I'd spice it up and add in more items than just for clothing. I'm the kind of person who loves hot drinks, tea, cocoa, coffee, whenever and I like it in a pretty cup, so this seemed like a perfect gift for someone like me! Isn't it sweet?

Number one is becoming such a hard decission for me! It's so hard to decide this last item, should it be jewellry? Or clothing? or shoes, oh! I haven't posted any shoes! Perfect! :)

1. Victorian-esque lace up black heeled boots by Charlotte Russe $45.50.

I love these shoes for alot of reasons. They do have a sort of Neo-Victorian SteamPunk feel, which I feel is to die for. Knee high/over the knee boots are extremelly fashionable right now, so why not scoop up these great boots while you can? And a little hint, All of Charlotte Russe's shoes right now are buy one get one for $15. ;)

Hope you enjoyed! Now if you'd please, go vote in the poll for your favorite item! Have a good holiday and safe travel.
Lace Up Knee High Heel Boot
Lace Up Knee High Heel Boot
Lace Up Knee High Heel Boot