Saturday, January 1


As I mentioned in my post yesterday I intend to do a steampunk theme makeup soon, hopefully today, so I thought I would talk about why, and what makes a steampunk. first of all, if it has the word 'punk' in it, I'm liable to love it. XD
Steampunk is a sub-genre, sub-culture, fashion, and lifestyle based around the idea of a science-fiction Neo-Victorian Industrialized world. Remember how back in the '80s everyone thought we'd have flying cars by 2020? Steampunk is an almost similar concept. It's the idea of a mega-industrialized 19th century (Mostly London and England) completely powered by steam. If you've ever seen Disney's Atlantis: The lost empire, that world is alot like the steampunk world.
Think Airships, great machines, goggles, corsets, awesome victorian boots, nuts and bolts.
Steampunk is eclectic and beautiful, and I think it means something different to every person.
so I'm going to show you some pictures, and then some etsy shops, and then we'll talk about books! :D
Also, steampunk doesn't have to be your clothing, hair or make-up. it's your mind-set, your attitude, even your items. People do really neat customization of things and can turn everything they own steampunk! It's super cool. Oh, and abandon the 'real women don't wear dresses' mentality.

This photo of Kit Stolen wearing steampunk attire became popular on the Internet

$68 click for link
Bronze and Filigree Green Man Bullet - Steampunk Pendant


Steampunk Airship, Zeppelin, Dirigible - Escape from the Nursery

Baby dragon wrap around ring! $69.99
Steampunk Dragon Ring, dragon body wrap around finger (sw)

Gold Winged Steampunk Watch Pendant

Ornate Black Satin Corset Choker Victorian Lolita Gothic Steampunk

SUPER SEXY SOLID BRASS CHAIN LATTICE Steampunk Inspired Choker by TheSteamPunkTrunk

Steampunk MAPS vinyl waist cincher

Brown Damask Corset Belt Victorian Steampunk

Ode 2 steampunk       Victorian corset overbust nude silver and black custom made to measure

Steampunk corset in faux leather

Basic Steampunk Goggles by TheSteamPunkTrunk

Custom Made ARMED SteamPunk Goggles By Panzer Kitty

Brass and Gears Steampunk Goggles

Great steampunk films:

Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, Wild Wild West, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Prestige, atlants: The lost empire.

Good steampunk reads: (Sorry, I haven't encountered many)

The storm Theif, and The haunting of alaizabel cray. both by Chris Wooding, the time machine by H.G. Wells, Howl's moving castle, by Diana Wynne Jones, and The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

I hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to sharing with you my up-coming Steampunk inspired look.'


Friday, December 31

Next Adventure.

Happy Newyear, everyone! It's the year of the rabbit, so I wish hope and prosperity to all you born under said zodiac. ^_^

Since today is NewYear's I'll be busy and won't have time to play with make up, but tomorrow I'll either be doing a traditional japanese newyear inspired look or steampunk, both if I have time. any suggestions?
See you tomorrow, have a great and safe newyear's.


Thursday, December 30

Absolutely Alice. (Updated)

 I've decided this week to focus on concept make-up and there was no denying that eventually I would get around to this. Today I am Alice. Absolutely. Or almost. The concept I ended up creating is Alice before she goes down the rabbit hole, and Alice in Wonderland. As always I hope you find inspiration and enjoyment. :)


Above ground

Now I've done Absolom, the omnicient caterpillar of Alice in wonderland. I really like this one, I got very very creative with it. I hope you like it too. :) Here you go, you'll notice I played a little with the lighting in to of the pictures:

Well, that's all. Hope you had fun in Underland.♥

~Absolutely Elspie

Wednesday, December 29

Red riding hood.

Ever since I saw this trailer the fairytale has been on my mind. Personally, I can not wait for this movie to come out, it looks so good! I love dark takes on children's tales, even though honestly most of them are dark as is, I mean really, her grandmother is eaten by a wolf. anyways, like I was saying, the movie and story have been on my mind and of course it inspired some red riding hood themed make-up. Unfortunattely I didn't get around to taking pictures until it was nearlly dark, so tomorrow I will be posting Red Riding Hood Version 2.0. Until then, please enjoy my interpretation of a classic and haunting story.

El fin. :) I hope you enjoyed.

love you great big♥~Little red