Thursday, October 13

Hime-Gyaru. ♥

Hime Gyaru, literally translating to "princess-gal", the idea is to wear princessy dresses, pastel colors, sport big hair, and lots of big beautiful accessories. Just like a princess. So the idea of this post is to introduce you to Hime Gyaru and also to point you to some great HG items on etsy! :) Hope you enjoy!

(I love this one! ^)

(I thought this was so lovely!)

(I know this is more loli, but god I want that jacket!!)

(Ayumi Hamasaki is so gorgeous!!)


$18 swan princess necklace

Hime Gyaru Swan Princess Necklace by Yumpopboutique

$18 Hime nails

Royal Hime Gyaru Princess Nails

$25 Fox Tail

Hime Gyaru fox Tail Pink White

$20.50 lacey bear ring

Kawaii Hime Princess Sweet Lolita Bear Ring

$15 Chocolate strawberry collar

$20 pink lace bow

Pink Lace Princess Himegyaru Lolita Hair Bow

$15 Chocolate pink bow necklace

Sweet Chocolate Pink Bow Necklace

$8 strawberry whipped cream barette

Hope you enjoyed!


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