Friday, January 21

Mori outfit.♥

Like I've said, unfortunattely my camera is broken. :( So you can't see pictures of my outfit today, but I do have all of the items posted on my poupee! So I can post my items here for you to see how I did mori today. :)

Cream colored Cardigan, because it's good for layering, and I like the colors of the buttons. :)

The shirt I wore under this is light brown, with a deep-V and white flower embroidery, it's a knee length tunic, I don't have a picture of it right now. But I like it alot.

Under that is this shirt: It's actually a lighter cream than the picture shows and I didn't use this scarf.

My coat, with the HUGE fur hood. ^-^ I like the button detail down the front, it's so warm!

These are my favorite socks! They're knee-high gray with little white heart polka dots and lace-patterned trim at the top.

There are two options for purse, first a little leather saddle shaped shoulder my dad got me in Mexico, :)

Or this soft bron knit bag and moose keychain. ^-^

Here's the moose:

I don't have a picture of my favorite necklace, because my camera broke before I got it. It's a little golden duck, with emerald eyes, and he opens up and is like a little locket! He's big enough to put a little mint in. haha. :)
Since layering Jewelry is another cute Mori trend, here are the ones I wore today.

This is one of my favorites, I made it out of a cork I found at a Greek festival I went to over the summer.

This is a lace choker I made, I feel like lace really adds to the sweet, natural beauty of Mori girls.

Sweet little chocolate colored flats with ankle straps.

My favorite scarf. :)

That's all! Sorry I couldn't take pictures. :( Hope this inspires you to make your own Mori outfit! It's really easy!.♥

My latest Etsy finds.

I wanted to share these great items I've found with you today! ^-^

I found this cute little hairpin! It's a smiling cloud with rain drops. I love the polka dot detailing. It's just so sweet. we could all use a sweet little rain cloud some times, plus how can you resist that kawaii little face?

Rain Cloud Smiles Hairclip $10

Rain Cloud Smiles Hairclip

So this next item is a belt buckle. it's white with a black tree. I don't really know why, but I just like it. It feels like a good accent to any outfit, and shows off your love of nature. :) Or maybe just unique belt buckles.

Solitary Black Bare Tree on White background on Antiqued Steel Buckle with black cotton belt $15

Solitary Black Bare Tree on White background on Antiqued Steel Buckle with black cotton belt

This next one is a little recycled fabric pillow! It's a little pillow that'd be cute on a couch or in a chair. It's unique and darling, and a great addittion to any home that's full of love. This seller makes all kinds of cute pillows, mostly owls and dogs, but other items too.♥

Recycled wool Love bird $17

Recycled Wool Love Bird

I sort of want to save these Items for Valentine's day, but since it's growing closer I'll go ahead and share them! All of Elixia's chocolates are hand-made vegan raw chocolate. These in particular sound exceptionally delicious. Raw chocolate hearts are flavored with vanilla bean and coconut, made from organic balinese cocoa. They are availible in the following flavors: Bali dark, Raspberry, Mocha, Cayenne and Peppermint.

Raw Chocolate Hearts $13 per 1/4 pound box.

Raw Chocolate Hearts

The other chocolates are Raw Chocolate Rose Truffles with Vanilla and Damiana, almost a more romantic and thoughtful gift than diamonds. :)

Raw Chocolate Rose Truffles $25 per 1/2 lb box.

Raw Chocolate Rose Truffles with Vanilla and Damiana

Well, I guess that's all for now! Enjoy.♥


Thursday, January 20

Current trends in Mori fashion

For me over here in the U.S. it's the very midst of winter! And this means the very midst of winter trends. Winter fashion is my favorite, mostly because I like how pretty everything is. Gloves, and scarves, and boots, and ear-muffs. Fur and layers, all the colors. Winter is my favorite. And that makes Mori fashion all the better for me.
Adorable trends to follow this year in the world of mori include:
  • Fox tails! How cute is that? Wear them as key-chains, accessories on your purse, on your belt loop, even as a tie!
  • Fur. everywhere. my favorite uses of fur are ankle or boot covers, and little vintage style fur shawls or collars. it's just so pretty and warm.
  • Knit. Mori is big on texture and pattern, and there's not much cuter than knit patterns. :)
  • Woodland creature accessories. :D Because when aren't they in style?
So I've brought you pictures from the famous Mori brand, Syrup. Always ahead of the style game. And also a few other shops and items, I'll be supplying you with the link to all of them.

First I would like to share with you this absolutely delightful and wonderfully whimsical etsy shop I just found!
It's called Sea of Bees Jewellry and it's full of the most charming accessories, very Mori! I want to show them all to you! but to save time and space I'll let you look for yourself but instead I'll share a few very original pieces.

first,: Rabbit key necklace, $42

Rabbit Key Necklace

Why I love this piece: For starters, look how beautiful it is! All of the detailing is so quaint and darling, you can't help but love it. It also has a very whimsical, sort of mysterious Alice in Wonderland feel to it. It's just delightful. A great addition to any mori girl's closet.

second,: Deerly Beloved Double Deer necklace, $35

Deerly Beloved Double Deer Necklace

Why I love this piece: Two deer heads?! Come on! That's ingenious! It's so unique and beautiful! It's such a statement piece, you put it on and walk boldly out of your door into the vast, unknown world, with no fear! Because you have the greatest piece of statement jewelry that anyone has ever seen! Did I mention the marvellous detailing? can you say filigree for the win?

Third,: Woodland Fantasy Whimsical Bird Head Hair Pins ooak $12

Woodland Fantasy Whimsical Bird Head Hair Pins ooak

Why I love it: Have you ever seen anything this cute in your life?! It's like you have a little bird nest living in your head! awwwww~!♥ How mori girl is that? I love the detailing on the eyes and the feathes, the shape of it, everything. it's very romantic and vintage. And a little dark, in an Alice or red riding hood sort of way. It's perfect.♥

So those are all the items I will show you from her shop, how ever by no means are they the only notible ones. Other animals this shop uses are wolves, Deer, Doe, Bears, Bison, and Panthers. They make brooches, rings, necklaces and hair pieces. Very interesting, very woodland, very mori. :)

Now on to Earth,Music&Ecology. a very mori japanese brand that's up to date on all the latest trends. they're items are adorable and imbody everything Mori is.

first: boucle BD knit

Why I love it: It's very important for mori girls to layer, and it's also emphasized that they have a very I-line or relatively shapeless sillhouette. So this is a long very cozy item that will go well for layering, or even not layering, it's neutral colors, and stripes are always a classic. plus, it's knit. And it has pockets so you can put your little fox cub or your home grown carrots in it, you cute little forest girl, you. ^-^ Did I mention you can get the stripes in gray, black or yellow?

Rabbit fur ear muffs and Lace Rabbit fur muffler

Why I love these: As I mentioned earlier Fur is in. It keeps you warm and makes you look sweet and pretty. Fur is very mori, especially in items like this, the muffler is great for layering and the ear muffs and a cute knit hat are the perfect head accessories. Both furs are available in brown.

Lace tote bag ♥

Why: Becuase tote bags are really great for carrying everything you need. Your gloves, your journal, all your favorite books and art supplies, maybe a pet bunny or two. :) This one is great because it's such a rich brown, and I like that the lace is off-white, cream colored and not white. Lace is always a classic good material for mori, because lots of material and textures is really nice. The little flower is extra sweet!

Classic Mori Girl Lace Up Boots

why: We all want them, and every mori girl should have them. They're the classic, cute and earthy boot you always see mori girls wearing. And no wonder, look how great they are!

Earth Style


Floral print above the knee dress

Why: It's good for this season, and still great for welcoming spring. It adds a little bit of color into your normal nature tones and it's a great length to wear with some neautral tone tights and show off your pretty new boots. Also, dresses this cut and neckline are easy to layer with other items, as seen here with a turtle neck and a short sleeved cardigan.

Sophisticated Mori girl

Why I love it: This outfit is still mori, kitten heel, cardigan and layers, loose, shapeless clothing, but also still good for work or a casual dinner date. it's versatile and modern, without betraying Mori style. Why not play it up with a knit or fur stole or cute woodland creature accessories, or perhaps a knit beret?

Another Etsy shop, this one with fur tails! So cute. :)

Red Riding Hood Fox Fur Tail $60

Red Riding Hood Fox Fur Tail

Why I love this item: The fur is very beautiful, and it's the perfect size for a purse or tote bag. I love the bow at the top and I really like that this seller incorporates the chains and accessories with the tails. it gives it so much more personality, it really brings it to life.

Anyways, those are all the items for now! So here are some pictures of full outfits. I hope you've enjoyed!

Alright, friends! I'll see you next time!

Wednesday, January 19


Because Mori is my all time favorite Japanese street fashion, and all of my previous posts about Mori were deleted, I decided I would re-visit Mori. Maybe just this week, maybe forever. :) Who knows?

First things first! Elspie's recipe for a delightful mori girl:

  •  Natural and earthy tones. White, beige brown, green, pale yellows, and light blues.
  • Layers. lots of them. anything from multiple skirts, cardigans, stoles, blouses, socks, even aprons.
  • Mori generally has a very loose and natural silhouette. clothes that don't give the body much shape.
  • Natural accessories and patterns. flowers, animals, things like that.
  • Texture is key. Mori uses alot of patterns and fabrics to give it a cozy, earthy feel. so think lace, cotton, knits. things like this.
  • Accessories are best in layers. layers of pearls, stacks of bracelets, whatever.
  • Anything that feels foresty to you, because that's what Mori is. Mori is a Japanese word meaning 'forest' so a Mori girl is a girl who looks like she's been living in a forest. in a good way. :)
  • Mori is sweet! characterized by quaint, beautiful and vintage items and accessories. 
  • Hair styles are often natural, wavey or braided, but I like to flat iron my hair because it's just prettier that way. :P 
Here are some examples!

So that's Mori! Sorry I don't have alot of time tonight. We'll talk more tomorrow! Thanks for reading!