Monday, January 24

Gothic Lolitas, manga how to.

I happened across this great book on the Barnes&Noble website tonight. it's call Gothic Lolitas, How to Draw Manga step by step. It shows you how to draw manga faces, poses and body types, as well as lolita eyes, hair, faces, outfits, all sorts of things! :) Anyways, I thought all of you artistic lolis out there might enjoy it. :)
here's the link.



I'm looking for a tattoo design I like. two actually. I'm really into Asian culture, as well as Irish. I want something elegant, but edgy. Nothing too cute and sweet and sissy. :) I want a crane on my hip, a small elegant crane, preferably flying or 'dancing' but I'm having troubles finding anything that isn't a paper crane. this is the only design I've found that I even remotely like, but it feels a little rigid. I was also thinking of incorporating a few cherry or plum blossoms and maybe a moon, but I haven't decided yet. I like the one on the right.

If it comes to it I think I'll end up designing my own, which is fine, I might be happier with it that way.
 I think I'll use photographs of cranes as inspiration to draw what I really want. I like these.

I did mention I wanted two, and the second one... I haven't exactly decided yet, but it's going to be Celtic. I'm thinking either a Claddagh or knot work, also relatively small. Likely an ornate trinity knot. anyways, don't know why I'm writing about it. Just sort of felt like it.


Paris, Je t'aime.♥

I've decided it's time I start looking toward my future, and in doing so I have found my dream house. It's a Tudor style English cottage, made in the 1930's in the historic district of my little town. It has an arch door with a quaint square lattice window and a mail slot, the front of the house has a brick wall that gently slopes from the roof and has another rounded door leading to the garden and koi pond. It has two fireplaces, cathedral ceilings, an attic, and much more. needless to say, it's perfect. So I've been inspired and have been thinking about what I want to do with it, and I've figured it out... well the den/sitting room at least. With great help from Etsy I have fabricated in my mind my vintage French interior design inspired, Tiffany blue tea-room. I put together the items in a style board on kaboodle, but I'm having troubles getting it on here so if you have time, please click this link, and check it out. :)
The color scheme I'm thinking is cream walls, and predominantly Tiffany blue furniture and decoration, you'll see what I mean in the style board. Also as I looked through Etsy I saw many blue items with pink details, pink writing, small flowers, bird cages, etc. I like this very much and am adding small traces of pink to my palette, which is odd because I am not a big fan of pink., My boyfriend thinks the pink sounds awful, but he hasn't looked at the style board yet so his opinion doesn't count right now. ^-^
Here's a sample of Tiffany blue, just in case you don't know what it looks like. It's a very popular wedding color. This picture shows how it looks with pink accents. :) Trivia fun fact: Tiffany blue is a color that was coined by prominent jewelry company, Tiffany & co.

So here are the items that I would die to have in my den. ^-^ Not literally of course, but they are gorgeous. :)

So I obviously like wall decorations, birds and pillows, but oh well. :) My boyfriend thinks my fascination with pillows is silly, but endearing. haha.♥ Well, I know it's alot of items, but it's really just inspiration. All I know is that if I ever do get my house, it will be a very wonderful thing. :)
If you'd like the link or price to any of these items write a comment and drop me a line and I can get those for you. :)

~ Je t'aime beaucoup. Elspie♥

Sunday, January 23

Mori Vs. Dolly

So this week I've been talking about Mori, right? So it's time we differentiate and begin to talk about Dolly. Dolly is easily mistaken for Mori fashion, because it carries similar principals and a some-what foresty look.
Dolly is a fashion inspired by fairy tales and European folk style, where as Mori is inspired by a love of nature and simple beauty, as if living in a forest. Here's a list of important things that make Dolly kei:

  • The color palette differs from mori because it uses rich, vibrant colors. Reds, golds, purples, greens, it doesn't matter. Vibrant rich colors.
  • Unlike mori's straight lined silhouette, Dolly kei leans toward feminine curvy silhouettes. Using belts, scarves, aprons, or tight dresses to accentuate a pretty figure.
  • The clothing is usually vintage, and is inspired bya  northern european folk look, think fairytales, hansel and grettle, little red riding hood, Russian Matryoshka Dolls, gypsies. The dresses seem to favor a common village girl look, however the gorgeous and luxurious accessories they use instantly takes it from village girl to nobility.
  • Accessories like feathers, fur, flowers, lace, all of these things are combined with fairytale forest elements to create beautiful rings, necklaces and lovely headpieces. 
  • Dollys also use layers and lots of fabric and patterns, lots of flowers and lace, Vintage designs.
  • It's very pretty and feminine.

There! ^-^ And I've made sure that today's Etsy finds are Dolly Kei relevant! :) I hope you like them!♥

 Lace and Tassel hair/scarf clip $7.50

 Autumn Maiden Fox Fur Tail $60


Matryoshka Doll Necklace $30

Chocolate Brown Teffeta Bow Belt $10

I hope you've enjoyed! See you next time.