Monday, February 7

Valentine's day!♥

Since V-day is on monday or tuesday this year my boyfriend and I are celebrating this weekend. My school was going to have a massquerade dance! I was so excited, I had this red dress and black satin gloves it would have been wonderful, but they canceled. :( So now we'll be spending a quiet evening at home, :) Which I'm very excited about. We're going to watch Shakespeare in love, a really lovely movie I've only seen pieces of, but it's one of his favorite movies ever. I'm a firm believer in chocolate covered strawberries so I'll be making those this Saturday. :D  I'm looking forward to a very sweet romantic weekend. :)

I've been so bored ever since my camera broke! Now I have nothing to do, but I should be ordering my new one by the end of this week. It's sooo much better than my old one. ^o^

One of my favorite things about Valentine's day is all of the sweet and cute items that people start making and selling around it, like these sweet Etsy finds:

Owl $24

Delicious Dress $58

Belle Heart dress $99

Je T'aime, Te Amo, I love you, tote bad $20

I totally love bird pillows.♥ recycled wool Love Bird Pillow $18

Owl pillow $22

Chocolate covered Strawberry Vegan Cupcakes $13 per 4

$10 Geek felt fortune cookie valentines.

"The Juliet" Shakespeare inspired Valentine

Well that's all! I hope you all have a lovely week and Valentine's day. ♥