Friday, June 24

Gyaru: for the non-asian. :P

I have returned, as promised, with pictures. :) Loads and loads of pictures.Disclaimer: I know I'm not Asian, so don't rub it in. :P so my attempt at Gyaru, very simple: white creme eyshadow, black eyeliner (I like to line only half of my lower lid, I also line my top eye lid all the way to the tear duct. I'm still trying to figure out how to change the appearance of the shape of my eye with liner :P ) and lots of mascara. I don't like false lashes, but they're recomended for gyaru, also if you line your lower lid with white eye liner it makes your eyes look bigger, just fyi. :) okay, with no further adieu here you go!

lg, Lissi <3

Thursday, June 23


whenever I get batteries for my camera (apparently my camera only takes certain brands of batteries) I have full intentions of doing a gyaru look for you. :) If you'll recall my previous posts about gyaru and ulzzang you'll know that Gyaru is "putting on your best face".
Gyaru makeup includes big eyelashes, sometimes (usually) circle lenses and eye-liner. Gyarus look pretty and dress nice. I'm still trying to figure out a way to manipulate my eye-liner so that my eyes take on a more almond shape as opposed to my round American shape. -,- anyways, here are some pictures of Gyarus to refresh your memory. ^^

Lg, Lissi

Monday, June 20


I realized something today... I'm tan, I'm blonde, I love Japanese street fashion... why haven't I tried ganguro!! well I  changed that today. I spent an hour doing my make-up. the problem is my white eye shadow sucks and you can't see it as good in the pictures, maybe I'll get better make-up and try later for you. You couldn't see the white very well, so it looks like every day make up or gyaru. :( But it's pretty! ^^  here you go! Hope you like it :3

Yeah... :( it looked better in person. does anyone have any suggestions of brands of white eyshadow I should buy? because mine didn't show up well in photo. :(

Lg, Lissi <3