Saturday, August 20

Kawaii phones!!

I've always been interested in Japanese culture but with in the last 6 years I've really gotten into the street fashions. and ever since that glorious moment when I first saw a kawaii deco cell phone I have bbeen dying to have one. :3 soooooooo, last week I went to my (somewhat local) Asian Market  and found a kawaii cell-phone charm!!! :D It's a little donut with a bite missing. :3 this is it!!:

yaaaay!!! :D I love it. buuuuut I have a goat, and I had my cell phone out when I was outside, and he tried to eat it. :( So it's broken right now.
so the point of ths post is to post my inspiration and love of kawaii cell-phones!!!! I really really want a melty chocolate phone case, T_T so I'll post my stuff you can post pictures of your kawaii phones or what you like in a cell phone. :)

I love, love, LOVE this girl!!!! her etsy shop is SilverLeica  she makes beautiful jewelry and AMAZING phone cases (they all remind me of Q-pot) and I would DIE for them. XD Here's some pictures :)

Well, that's all, (: Hope you enjoyed.