Thursday, August 25

Healthy Dieting. (continued)

Continuing from my previous dieting posts: more tips, by the way you make think Cosmopolitan magazine is only for sex, but there's a lot more really great advice on the website. They've got advice and articles about health, beauty,, dieting and fashion, and of course sex. ;P

Subjects in a Virginia Tech study who drank two glasses of H20 before eating consumed fewer calories and lost more weight compared to those who skipped the hydrating step

Read more: Easy Weight Loss Tricks - New Weight Loss Studies - Cosmopolitan
You should drink 8 glasses of water a day, it cleanses your body and keeps you full loger. If you drink a glass of water before you eat it helps keep you from drinking things like soda, it also fills you up and you don't eat as much.
Nuts. Nuts ae full of protein (which makes you full) and also very healthy. They may be fatty, but they make up for it by energizing you, filling you up, and they have no calories.
This is interesting: 

Read more: Easy Weight Loss Tricks - New Weight Loss Studies - Cosmopolitan
Here's a good article about simple tips to healthier eating and doing things hat make you feel (and look) better about yourself. :)
also, I said this before but t's still on the table. If you have any questions you can e-mail me or leave a comment!!
~~Stay healthy, Lissi

Wednesday, August 24

I've got a crush...

I've got a crush.... On all of these kawaii things I found on etsy!! ^o^ If you've been followig this blog you know that i have a crazy obsession with ettsy, as well as everything kawaii. So today I bring you perhaps the cutest things that I have ever posted here. :3 I hope you enjoy them!!!

Coffee Friends Medium Cotton Purse $30

Coffee Friends Medium Cotton Purse
So, I am completely in love with ths bag, so don't buy it before I do, Okay ^^ hehe, just kidding.

More from this seller, I could make this whole post about their items ^^ the shop is kukubee and the items are lovely and high quality, and well priced!

Small Sushi Lovers Zipper Pouch $12

Small Sushi Lovers Zipper Pouch

Goldfish Cupcake necklace $15

I am partial to cupcakes necklaces, and I'm also partial to goldfish. :3 I think this necklace is both creative and adorable.

Goldfish Cupcake Necklace

Kawaii Strawberry Whip Cream fruit tart $10.50

Kawaii Strawberry Whip cream fruit tart Polymer Clay Ring

Sushi necklace $12

OOAK Realistic  Kawaii Sushi Necklace

Chocolate Candy Bear ring $12.50

Food Ring Kawaii  Chocolate   Lollipop Candy

I'm actually really picky about food rings, and I really like the ones in this shop, here's the shop link : SouZou
And I will leave you with a fe more images from this shop. ^^ I hope you enjoyed it!!! go buy things!! :D ~~Lissi-Chan

Tea Ring Green Tea Chocolate Rose Food
Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Sandwich Cookie Earrings
Pink Japanese Traditional Food Ring Soup

Healthy dieting.

It has come to my attention that 9 times out of 10 when people start dieting they do it the wrog way. I'm really interested in nutrition and study it a lot because I like to help people who feel like they need (or really do need) to change their diet. so I decided to post about it.
First I will address a few misconceptions or 'myths' about health and dieting:

1.  "If I starve myself I'll lose weight" - NO. when you starve yourself your body starts to break itself down. then when you feed your body anything, be it a donut or a salad, your body immediately translates it to fat instead of nourishment.  therefore you're going backwards while causing your body trauma and stress. starving yourself is extremelly dangerous, it causes you to be faint, get sick easier and it changes your moods-for the worse.

2. "Only eat one meal a day." - NO. this goes back to starving yourself. it isn't healthy and affects your health and attitude on a daily basis.  you've heard people tell you that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", and that's true. When you wake up your body is coming out of hibernation and expects nourishment. if you don't eat in the morning then your body thinks that you're not going to feed it, so in order to save energy your metabolism slows (or shuts) down. this causes you to lose energy and gain weight. we'll talk about this more later. so if you live in a country that doesn't follow the standard European or South American standard of light breakfast-heavy lunch-big dinner, you might want to try that system. eating a light breakfast jumpstarts your day an speeds up your metabolism. eating a heavy lunch gives your body time to turn the food into energy and store the nutrients away properly before you go back to sleep (as opposed to eating a large dinner), and eating a light dinner gives your body time to burn off the calories before it shuts down for sleep.

3. "If I do crunches (sit-ups) I'll get abs" - Wrong again. doing crunches is only half of it. first you have to get rid of the fat on your stomach for your abs to show through. You have to do cardio to tone your body before the muscles show, they may be developed, but until you do your cardio you won't see them.

4. Diet soda. - Ordering a diet soda at McDonalds doesn't cancel out the Big Mac. Diet, Low Fat, Low sugar, it's all a lie. you tolerate the bad taste because you think it's better for you, buut that too is a lie. Diet soda simply replaces sugar for sugar substitutes. Those sugar substitutes are TERRIBLE for you. also if you really want to diet, give up soda. Studies show that if you drink one can of soda a day you may gain as much as 14 pounds a year. As for low fat, fat free, etc. what it lacks in one it over-compensates with the other. if it's fat free it's twice the calories and double the sugar. honestly the flavor alone sucks and it's not worth the sacrifice. it's worse for you than the real Mackoy!

5. "You're fat" - I don't care who says it, or whether or not you buy into it. Do no listen to that shit. You may be over weight, but you're never fat. and never let anyone make you feel like you're ugly or less than just because of your weight. You are. Beautiful. Always.

So that's all of that, so let's get back to breakfast ^^

as I was saying, "When you wake up your body is coming out of hibernation and expects nourishment. if you don't eat in the morning then your body thinks that you're not going to feed it, so in order to save energy your metabolism slows (or shuts) down. this causes you to lose energy and gain weight. " Even if all you do is grab a granola bar on your way out the door, that's enough to keep your body from shuting down. you may be wondering why you always seem hungrier after you eat breakfast, it's because you've just woken your body up and now your metabolism is working like a mad man to give you energy and store nutrients. Also, excersize also boosts your metabolism. your metabolism is your bodies way of storing and providing energy. you gain weight when you take in more calories in a day than you burn. your metabolism is what helps your body work harder and faster to burn calories easier.
soooooo, if you don't have time to excersize in the afternoons or evenings (like me), and you don't already have to wake up ridiculously early, try waking up a half hour earlier to do your favorite type of excersize. this jump starts your metabolism, and then you when you eat breakfast your metabolism is in hyper speed! Tricks you can use if you don't have time to work out: Excersize in the shower, it sounds absurd, but you can do squats, yoga and all kinds of things in the shower.
One thing is, if you're looking to better yourself, just act and dress with confidence. you may be beautiful, but if you don't feel like it, you won't act like it. learn to dress for your body type and you'll look instantly slimmer. learn your complimentary colors and always play up your best features.
Crash diets are a no-no, don't do any outrageous diets that seem potentially dangerous.

I hope this has been helpful, and if you have any questions about anything that I talked about, or anything I didn't mention, but you'd like to know about please drop me a comment, or if you'd rather you can email me at I hope this has helped you and please be safe. thanks for listening.!