Saturday, September 3

More art and what-not. (not as picture heavy)

Traditional art (and a rage comic) now. :P

 The above is an accyrlic painting of Inverness, Scotland done for Morgan for his birthday. ^-^
 My favorite tree in charcoal. it's dead. it fell though... :(
 water-color, pencil, charcoal, also for Morgan ^-^
 Self explanatory? XD pencils and charcoal
 steampunk landscape, just pencil
 purple ink doodle of a hipster against a wall of graffiti
 Morgan and I, pencil
 Doc. Eugene Roe, Band of Brothers, 101st Aireborne 506 regiment (aka. 5-0-sink) Easy company
Just pencil.

Rage comic birthday present for Justin. XD

yepp, :) Hope you liked it! ^-^

Art and what-not. (ridiculously picture heavy)

soooooooo for whatever reason I've decided to post some of my more recent art-work here. Why? Because it's my blog and I can do that. :P That's why.
So I've been experimenting with photography thanks to my lovely new Canon. *_* Even though it's not a gorgeous amazing one, but some day. ^-^ anyways, playing with photography and I've been collecting glass shards and seeing how the work as lenses. :D
Also I have a couple of pencil drawings, a painting I did for my bf's birthday, andddd I think that's it. :P So enjoy! Or if you don't, fine. :P Go look at other people's art. >:|

 My birthday cake I made for myself. XD

Okay, So I guess that's all for photographs, and I'll do a post in a minute with other art. :) I promise that one will be a lot shorter. XD