Saturday, September 24

Why not? :(

Can someone please tell me why I can't be Asian? Why was I made western?! I have all the makings of an oriental woman and there's no good reason that I shouldn't be. It's just not fair. :( Not to mention it causes loads of problems because I have low self-esteem and inadequacy issues and my boyfriend has an Asian fetish... so... yeah. :( Someone tell me how to fix it! Isn't there anything I can do? T-T in the meantime I guess we're due for another Gyaru post.

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So I have a question. They make double-eyelid tape and glue for Oriental women to make their eyelids like Western women's but why Can't I find the reverse!?!?! Why don't they have tape for Wetern women to look Asian!?! FML. :(

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Well I guess I'm being sort of silly... it's just that I'm sick and feeling fat and ugly and lately he's been talking about pretty girls or mentioning stuff about gorgeouss asians and teasing me about it and this morning I just cracked. :( -sigh- it doesn't usually bother me this badly.

I want to learn to speak cantonese....

I think everything's okay now.. I'm not really upset anymore and I just took a shower so I don't feel icky and my nails look really pretty. I also just put together this great outfit with a pair of heels I never wear. :) And he's busy so we're not texting and the quiet is nice and relaxing. life is okay now.

Oh my gosh! Her hair is a giraffe!!....

picture time, w00t! So I totally love this girls jacket

As for that last picture I would say her makeup looks more Ulzzang (the picture looks shopped and her make-up looks completely transforming.) but her hat and top look very Gyaru. :)

Well hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, September 22

Tuesday, September 20

It's football season!

Hello, American football fans! I was just browsing the wonderful world wide inter-webs when I came across the coolest thing I've seen all day. NFL team color nail-polish! You heard me right. So I went on a kick and am finding all the things I'd love to have this season. Who says sportsy can't be chic?
The link to the Major League Baseball shop
and the link to the National Football League shop

So here are my favorite things that I found :) Note, I am a Panthers fan and a Cubs fan so most of if not all of these things are for those teams, but bear in mind that for the most part you can get the same item for your team too. : P

Yes. Yes yes yes. I want them all. ^_^ Soo, I'll see you next time!